For over 50 years, Starplast is able to provide any thermoformed item, transparent or opaque, from prototype to small and medium series, for any industry (aeronautics, automotive, ropeways, vehicle signage, various industries…).

Specialist of thermoplastics thermoforming (polycarbonate, PMMA, PVC, ABS, polyéthylène, polypropylène, ABS, PETG, Polystyrène...).

Starplast is located in Ester Technopole since March 2009 in a contemporary building of 8000 m² specially thought and adapted for our activities.

Company founded in 1965, based in Limoges (87)

Staff: 48 people
Turnover: € 5.5 million
Share of the export in turnover: 25%

Managerial commitments :

- Maintain an efficient organization to always satisfy the customer
- Focus our investments to maintain and improve our means of production
- Set up an R & D department to develop our future products and services
- Ensuring the profitability of our company
- Maintain an effective quality control system
- Being a socially responsible company, respectful of standards, working conditions and legal obligations

Michel Cornard, our CEO, presents Starplast :



STARPLAST SA - Parc Ester Technopole
23, rue Soyouz - 87070 LIMOGES Cedex 9
Tél / Phone : (+33)
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